Floors and Materials


Do you know what is the first thing that people see when they enter your house? Let me tell you: the first thing that people see is the floor of your house. It may not matter for them, but for you it surely matters.

There are many things that can cover your floor – you can choose carpets or linoleum, but the truth is that the floors need to be perfect. There are several reasons for this, and some of them are related to your health.

Here is what you can do for your floor and what are the reasons to choose this:

Hardwood Floor

This is one of the most beautiful floors, because it can have a large range of colors, depending on what you want. This type of floor is made exactly of this – a type of wood that is hard and it is also resistant to usage. The pieces that are combined to make the floor are treated against humidity, mold and fire. Once everything is installed, it is sanded and then it can be painted with a special substance called wood stain, which gives color. This can be very light or very dark, depending on what you want. Once the stain is dry, you can use special lacquer to give it shining.

The result is amazing, but keep in mind that sanding, staining and lacquering needs to be made every few years to keep its shine and color. It is worth the investment, because it also increases the value of the house, it is extremely beautiful and it is very resistant to hard traffic on it.


This is a more modern material for floors, and it varies in size, colors or sizes. There are some that are cheap and thinner, imitating different types of wood, while there are also some that are more expensive and a little bigger. Your choice can be made based on price or color, because you will be able to find anything you like in a dedicated deposit or store.

shutterstock_95085514The thing with this type of floor is that it does look nice, but if it is affected by humidity or if you have a flood in your house, you will need to change the parquet for the whole room or the rooms that were affected.

In time, some parts of it can peel of, and you will need to change it. There is an inconvenient, though, because if you need to change a piece in the middle of the room, you need to dissemble all the pieces until you reach the one you want. Even so, it’s a good option if you have a smaller budget and you want a nice look for your house.


These can also be used for flooring, because they are resistant and they don’t need a whole process to maintain them. They can be found in a large variation of colors, sizes and shapes, and the price will vary too. It’s easy to install them, and if you have some skills, you can turn this into a do it yourself project.

home-renovationKeep in mind though, that a badly installing will lead to later problems, so if you are not sure on your abilities, call for a professional. What is to remember is that these tiles can break if you drop something heavy on the floor, but the good thing is that you can change only one piece in the whole floor, if you have a similar one. You don’t need to change them all if one breaks.

Tiles don’t keep the humidity and this floor can be easily cleaned. The parquet does retain humidity and it can even swell, making bumps in the floor. The hardwood floor is resistant, but needs maintenance from time to time.

Whatever your choice is, give us a call at WIPE Home Improvement and we’ll deliver you the floor of your dreams!

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