Save Energy with these Simple Tips

Save Energy with these Simple Tips

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With a little bit of time and a bit of help from a home improvement company you can create a charming energy-efficient home that you love. Nothing relieves stress more than knowing you’ll be paying less on your energy costs –and when you create an energy efficient home; this is exactly what you’re doing. You can do a little or you can do a lot –depending upon your budget and desires –and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here are a few ideas for creating an energy-efficient space that saves you money.

First, take a look at all of the appliances in your home. Are they marked with the Energy Star sign? If not, you are wasting a lot of energy –and money. Perhaps an upgrade is in order. It could be a decision that makes life easier while reducing your energy costs considerably. Your hot water heater is one of the first areas to look for the sign –and replace if it is not there or if the unit is older than 10 years old. As an extra tip, be sure that the water heater temperature is properly set. A temperature between 120 – 140 degrees should heat the water up sufficiently.

Something as simple as switching the type of light bulbs can also be a great help when you want your home to be energy efficient. Using fluorescent lighting is a great way to maximize the lifetime of the bulb while minimizing the money you’ll spend to light your home. Yes, these bulbs cost a little bit more, but the extra money is well worth it.bannerRemodeling

If your home is not insulated or is improperly insulated, think about improving this. An insulated home prevents drafts in cooler weather and air leaks when it is hot outside. Insulation includes weather stripping and caulking. Hire a professional for this job and watch as your home’s conditions improve and your wallet fattens.

Hiring a window repair and installation specialist could also help you create an energy-efficient home. Your windows are a major component of heat loss. You could be spending hundreds of dollars to hat your home, needlessly. Hiring this professional to come in and evaluate your home and make those repairs will ensure that you are not suffering.

Perhaps a landscaper can also be of assistance in creating your new energy-efficient home. You can plant trees and shrubbery outside that will shade the home from the sunshine and keep it cooler during the same. The exact opposite happens in the winter, when the tree leaves are bare and the sunshine can easily come through to heat your home.

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